Professor Kang Cheng


In Memory of Our Great Colleague, Mentor and Friend


(1962.8.30 – 2016.11.08)



程康教授任日本理化学研究所fMRI中心主任、认知机能表现实验室co-PI。他于1983年毕业于中国浙江大学地质学院,1989年赴日本大阪大学留学,1995年获得生物物理工程博士学位,随后担任日本理化学研究所担任研究员、PI至今。程康老师长期从事灵长类、人类的视觉研究,对待同事、下属亲切温和,是大家的良师益友。 我们对教授的逝世深感沉痛和哀悼。程康老师通过高分辨率功能磁共振研究人脑功能,做出了一系列重要的奠基性工作,是高分辨率功能磁共振领域的先驱者和国际知名的学术带头人,在高分辨率磁共振领域有举足轻重的学术地位。 他的突然离世是国际和中国磁共振和视觉研究领域的重大损失!天妒英才!

Professor Kang Cheng’s 2006 Personal Research Statement at RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Japan: We focus on improving the resolution of functional MRI. The goal is achieving the ability of detecting fMRI responses with a spatial resolution of less than 1mm, for visualizing the columnar structures which are about 1 mm in size. The columnar structure is one of the fundamental elements of brain function in the cortex. Individual neurons in columnar structures do not necessarily all react to stimuli exactly same way individually. This function has an important role in representing the outside world flexibly. Using the high magnetic field strength of our 4 Tesla machine requires an advanced technological level, which we have developed to successfully visualize columns in human primary visual cortex for ocular dominance and temporal frequency selectivity, by using new stimulus paradigm. In addition, we continually work to advance our methods and employ them in identifying other columnar structures related to higher order sensations and functions for perception.

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